Subsequent Processing and Assembly

We have a large variety of modern machines available
for reworking and assembly:

Welding Machines
Resistance Welder from-to 200KVA, Laser Welding Equipment with 5KW CO2 Laser.

Assembly Machines
incl. Wobbel- and Radial riveting, thread forming and -drilling, toxing, grinding, reaming.

Debur Technic
Latest Centrifugal Force-, Vibratory- and Debur Machines.

Washing Systems
Alkaline and PER-Degreasing Machines

Surface Treatments
All usual surface treatments for example: e-coating, electroplated zinc, zinc-iron plating, zinc-wobble and nickel plating, powder coating, zinc-aluminium and lamellae plating are done by our long-term partners.

We use the outstanding new brush-deburring techniques with which our new machines achieve great results rounding the sharp edges on components.

Our WVM department comprises predominantly hydraulic press machines with capacities from 30 to 250 tonnes. Here we can bend, stamp, form, drill and crimp parts.

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