Use of modern CAD systems is the backbone of the production of high quality and complex tools. The very well equipped toolmaking department and its well qualified and motivated team ensure an optimal and consistent quality standard.

  • DDX-System for automated data transfer in all usual CAD formats and different transmission methods like OFTP ISDN, OFTP, SFTP
  • 3D-CAD-CAM system (Siemens NX)
  • Progressive dies
  • Fine-blanking tools
  • Punching & bending tools
  • Templates & gauges
  • 3 and 5 axis machining on modern CNC centres from Hermie, DMG and Mikron enable state of the art manufacturing on all materials of all hardness
  • CNC Milling machine (Hauser, adcos and Moore)
  • Wire eroding machine
  • Vertical eroding machine (AGIE)
  • TESA 3 axis measure
  • 400ton test press

Egon Grosshaus GmbH & Co KG   Bonzelerhammer   D-57368 Lennestadt